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Proses Busy book 10: Page Fishing

Proses Busy book 10 – Page Fishing
1) Prepare applique boat
2) Sulam boat
3) Gunting ombak laut
4) Jahit ombak laut
5) Jahit butang
6) Sulam haiwan laut, kena berhati-hati sbb masukkan magnet dlm setiap felties.
7) Jahit pancing
8) Gunting felties.

Page ni nmpk je simple, tapi byk step nya tau. Kalau nak buat 1 copy saja, saya tak sanggup sbb ambil masa nak set up mesin sulam, mesin jahit, tukar benang, nak keluarkan material dan gunting satu persatu. Buat byk2 mmg no problem.

Ni pon page favourite kakak & adik.

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