Enjoying Islam with Zain and Dawud

I just watch these interactive children show, explain a various topic of islam in a very fun way. Well, kids love to sing, so these shows are very fun for them. And there are also my favourite artist, Zain Bikha and Dawud Wharnsby 🙂 .

Enjoying Islam With Zain and Dawud – Who We Are

The kids are so cute and all of them are very natural.

When I watch some of these videos, I hope, this is how I learn about Islam in primary school. Maybe not in every lesson, but sometimes is already a great idea. Very creative and we know, things are easier to memorize when they are sung. 🙂

There are also another episodes like Salah, Eid, Go Forward Young Muslim, My family, and Material is immaterial. Dont forget to watch them in Nasyid-Online.com 🙂

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