Tempahan Busy Book November 2016


Tempahan busy book utk slot Oktober ditutup sbb dah penuh.
Tempahan dibuka untuk slot November pula.

* Ni gambar busy book yang siap beberapa hari lepas.
Tengah pulun nak siapkan busy book slot September yg lain.

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2 thoughts on “Tempahan Busy Book November 2016

  1. Aisyah says:

    Satu busy book brp ye

  2. Huda says:

    Boleh pilih aktiviti dari katalog dan campur untuk jadi buku.
    Kalau full setakat ni RM645 ya.
    Gambar katalog dalam link di bawah.
    Slot available Jan 2017.
    Terima kasih

    Tempahan Busy Book Tulip Petals
    For booking please PM or Whatsapp 011-14999711 (Huda).

    – Less 10% for total min RM200
    – Less 15% for total min RM500
    – Pos RM8 Semenanjung Malaysia
    – Pos RM11 Sabah/Sarawak

    – Designs might be slightly different from pictures, depends on materials available.

    Katalog : https://www.facebook.com/TulipPetalsCraft/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1039097342847631

    Full set (P1-P30) : RM645 include postage
    Price per page:

    – P1:Cover Name RM10
    – P2: Open Doors & Windows RM15
    – P3: Tie Shoes RM12
    – P4: Snowman RM15 (no Velcro)
    – P5: Leaves RM20
    – P6: Traffic Light RM15
    – P7: Buckle & Belts RM20
    – P8&9: Eat & Drink RM30 (Boy/Girl) – 2 Pages
    – P10: Shapes RM15
    – P11: Farm Animals RM30 (3 Finger Puppets)
    – P12: Air Balloon RM20(2 Finger Puppet)
    – P13: Rainbow RM25 (2 Finger Puppets)
    – P14&15: Safari RM55 (5 Finger Puppets)
    – P16: Fishing RM30
    – P17: Curtain, Day, Night RM30
    – P18: Anatomy RM30 (no velcro)
    – P19: Masjid & 5 Family finger puppets RM40
    – P20: Unbutton Flowers RM15
    – P21: Apples & Carrots RM25
    – P22&23: Wash Clothes RM30
    – P24: Dress Up RM40 (boy/girl)
    – P25: Solar System RM60
    – P26: Telling time RM35
    – P27: Brush teeth & hair braiding RM20
    – P28: Ladybird Chalkboard RM15
    – P29: Alphabets RM60 . (RM1 for every addition letter-upper & lower)
    – P30: Fun Math RM40

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